What is the Academy of Business Careers?

This business academy is a cohort of students that are interested in focusing their high school education on a career in business that they can later use for college or to immediately enter the workforce. Students will choose a Program of Study to guide their path, just as they would in college. Each program offers 3-4 competitive courses that they can apply in real-life situations immediately. Each program also offers it's own series of industrial certification exams in several different software programs. These exams are paid for by the school district and are the same exams that professionals working in the field use. Students will also receive a special designation on their high school transcript and are eligible for the merit diploma designation by passing an industry certification exam.

How do I join the Academy of Business Careers?

• Sign up for the first course, Digital Information Technology
• Take three courses in a program of study
• No application needed!

What are the benefits of joining the Academy of Business Careers?

• Jumpstart Education in business fields before college
• Industry Certifications gives students an advantage over other job applicants
• Achieve merit designation on high school diploma
• Learn real-life skills that can be applied immediately
• Go on fun, education field trips
• Ability to join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
• Can apply for Gold Seal Scholarship with less volunteer hours
• Articulation credits at St. Petersburg College

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